Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm still unpacking my last boxes from moving before the holidays. Most of the boxes have been full of those miscellaneous things that probably should have been tossed or donated like hair curlers and accessories to the toaster oven (which is why I have been procrastinating unpacking them.) Except, just when I have reconciled myself to an uninteresting afternoon of moving crap around I find over 7 FEET OF RAW CANVAS!!!!!!! I must have hoarded it away several years ago and forgot. This is like finding gold. Okay, maybe more like finding a $20. It still makes me happy because I started building a 7ft canvas frame the other day only to find I had no canvas left. Just scraps. I've put myself on a vicious art supply budget (of $0, because I already blew my budget on many many tubes of pricey paint like cadmiums and cerulean) so I thought there was no hope of getting to start this massive painting before summer. And now I will get to start it. Provided I don't run out of oil priming ground first. Or oil paints. Or time.