Monday, March 27, 2006

uploading, organizing, and pulling out my hair...

yes, I still really don't have any comprehensive internet location for my own artwork. my website has been in process for months and still I don't feel I can refer anyone to it without prefacing the state of it. it doesn't contain a single image I like personally or feel represents "my work." so lately I have turned to flickr for an intermediate place to upload stuff. why? because it's fast, cost effective and requires no "designer". it still won't be as together as I would want my final artist site to be, but for now it will serve as an informal place to view my work.

what's odd about organizing my own work for other's eyes, I realize my work style is pretty far flung-- or it seems to me. I like to be consistent because that always looks stronger, but it is just my nature to swing back and forth between diverse styles. in reality I can be very prolific and sticking to one style would feel like prison. really I have so many ideas and follow so many trains of thought that it would be hard to just do the same thing over and over in the name of exploring a concept. I wonder if other artists face the same thing.

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