Tuesday, March 07, 2006

welcome! my 1st entry

this is my first entry of my art blog... don't know what it will become yet. this is sort of an experiment i guess, so i don't know how often i will write or what i will write. but often i find when i paint it helps to keep a journal since often it inspires more ideas or crystalizes what i am thinking about in my work. though i don't know if anyone will actually want to read my ramblings but we'll see. i doubt this will have any real relation to anyone but me, but maybe now and then i'll write about shows i see and artists who's work i love or hate. but i am not a critic so all my opinions will only be in relation to my own art and aspirations so none if it should be taken seriously out of context of this blog and my work. i am really just one who knows what i like and what i don't and steals what ideas i can for my own work. if you would like to see my art, it will soon be posted at www.bekkateerlink.com. currently the site is under construction and i am in the middle of collecting and organizing all my stuff for web viewing, but hopefully something will be up soon in some sort of temporary state while i perfect it. and in the meantime i will hopefully get this blog going.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Touched.

DFW Real Estate said...

Your blog is great, I'll make sure to pass on your link to my Dallas Foreclosures friends.